Everyone is talking about pumpkin spice but no one seems to be talking about pumpkin the food. I find it so odd that we love the things that reminded us of everything we like about pumpkin-flavored food "it's spice" but not the actual pumpkin.

Think about it. Everyone rushes out for their first pumpkin spice latte but no one is running around trying to find a pumpkin pie or a jar of pumpkin butter. Is it just me or is that weird?

Pumpkins are Good for more than Pumpkin Lattes

I happen to be a person that enjoys pumpkin spice but not because it tastes like pumpkin, I like it because it is a great combination of spices that taste great on everything. But what about actual pumpkin foods? They should get the spotlight too this time of year. I think it is crazy that you normally don't see pumpkin pie until Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin Pie Recipe from Food Wishes Easy to Make

Take this delicious Foodwishes Recipe for pumpkin pie it could be made right now so ignore the mentions of Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pie in September is amazing.

Pumpkin Butter Instead of Peanut Butter

Food Wishes also want you to wait to make pumpkin butter but I say why wait? This recipe uses canned pumpkin which you can get all year long in the store.

Pumpkin Soup Makes Great Fall Comfort Food

And once the weather turns which it has there is nothing yummier than a good pumpkin-inspired soup like this one from Hebbar's Kitchen. If you think those pumpkin spices taste good in your coffee you need to taste them in a soup served with a fresh loaf of hearty bread.

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