New Yorkers continue to move out of the Empire State at alarming rates.

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New York ranked first for states with the largest population decrease in the United States, according to new research from Zippia. New Jersey placed second and Connecticut seventh. Zippia used data from the Census’ ACS to make its list.

High prices are to blame for New York's shrinking population, Zippia believes.

The Empire State was one of 10 states to see a decline in 2018-2019 and saw the largest population decrease, officials say. This marked the fourth straight year New York lost residents and the second year in a row, the Empire State lost more people than any other state.

Since 2010, nearly 1.4 million people moved from New York to another state, the largest of any state, according to the Empire Center for Public Policy.

“The cost of living in New York — the high taxes, regulations and housing costs — are making it untenable to live the American dream here,” Staten Island Republican Councilman Joe Borelli told the New York Post.

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