This has got to be some of the least shocking news to report in 2020.

I haven't accomplished a lot in my life but I'm thankful that I can honestly say that I've never seen one episode of the Jersey Shore. I'm pretty proud of that.

I know Snooki is from the Hudson Valley but other than that my knowledge is pretty limited.

Though I'm not too familiar with the show I do know a few of the key characters. Even if you've never seen the show you probably at least know 'Snooki', 'J-Woww' , 'DJ Pauly D' and of course 'The Situation.'

If you recall, the former Jersey Shore star did a short stint in the Otisville Federal Correctional Institution in Orange County. for tax evasion. Well, the situation could get be getting a lot worse for Mike Sorrentino.

According to Us, Mike Sorrentino is way behind on his court appointed community service. Court documents claim that Sorrentino has only completed 18 out of 500 mandatory hours since leaving the Hudson Valley prison last year. It's safe to say he's not just a little bit of time.

It may be difficult to complete the designated hours but apparently there are several options to complete the hours while following social distancing guidelines.

The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation was filmed in 2020. This could be the reason for the disruption. You would think that after an 8 month prison sentence the TV star would have learned his lesson.

If he doesn't get those hours completed is there a chance that we could be seeing 'The Situation' in the Hudson Valley again soon?

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