A New York man was convicted on Friday, April 28th following the discovery of evidence that linked him to an assault that took place during the summer of 2022.

July 2022 Assault of Resident in Village of Monroe

At approximately 9:30 pm on July 31, 2022, a man who resides on Hidden Creek Boulevard in the Village of Monroe was severely beaten outside his home.


Reports state that following a witness yelling to the attacker, 'to stop beating the man while the victim was lying defenseless on the ground,' the suspect fled the scene. The victim sustained serious physical injuries during the attack, including a broken jaw which was said to require multiple surgeries.

Police indicate that the suspect went after the victim because he owed him money.

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Newburgh Man Facing Seven Years In Prison Following Assault Conviction

David M. Hoovler, Orange County District Attorney, on Friday, April 28th announced the conviction of 57-year-old Michael Cowan, of Newburgh, following a trial in Orange County Court regarding the beating of a man in Monroe in July 2022.


A search warrant had been executed at Cowan's residence by Village of Monroe Police, where gloves, which appeared to have blood on them, were recovered. During the trial in Orange County, prosecutors presented that DNA testing of the gloves, as well as other evidence in the case, determined that Cowan had been wearing those gloves during the attack on the victim last summer.

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DA Hoovler shared his appreciation for the Village of Monroe Police Department for their investigation, sharing the following:

There is no excuse for using violence to settle disputes and those who do so will face severe consequences/ People have the right to feel secure at their residences, and for that reason any attack in or at a victim’s residence is particularly egregious. I commend the Village of Monroe Police Department for their investigation, and especially for asking my Office to aid them in obtaining the search warrant which resulted in crucial evidence being recovered and preserved.

Cowan was charged with Assault in the Second Degree, remanded to Orange County Jail without bail, and faces up to seven years in state prison.  Sentencing is scheduled for July 10th.

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