A meteorologist is telling Hudson Valley residents to be prepared for more snow than compared to last winter.

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The Hudson Valley first saw snow last year in December, the year prior snow fell in November. This means snow is probably just weeks to months away for the region.

"Not expecting the coldest of winters, but probably more snow than the last one," Ben Noll wrote on social media while releasing his Hudson Valley winter 2020-21 outlook.

Noll isn't expecting a cold winter for the region, but there will be some sharp cold weather, followed by mild air. Knoll believes the Hudson Valley will see more than last winter, which if you recall was a rather mild winter.

January looks to be the month that will produce the most snow this coming winter, according to Knoll. Overall, Noll wouldn't be surprised if we experience a "not-so-bad winter overall."

Noll is originally from Orange County. He's currently a meteorologist at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research in Auckland, New Zealand. From June 2013 through January 2016 he worked as a meteorologist for AccuWeather, according to Facebook.

The Weather Channel seems to agree with Knoll when it comes to a warmer than usual winter season. The Weather Channel's updated weather outlook predicts a warmer than normal winter for the Hudson Valley as well as many parts of the country.

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