New York State just made a major change to birth, marriage and more.

The New York State Department of Health announced anyone outside of New York City can now choose a non-binary option on birth, marriage, and death certificates.

New Yorkers May Now Choose “X” Gender on Their Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates


New York officials say this will make it much easier for non-binary residents to amend vital records.

"Birth, marriage, and death certificates are more than just documents, they allow someone to self-identify and to be seen for who they really are," Acting State Department of Health Commissioner Dr. James McDonald stated. "Non-binary and gender nonconforming people frequently experience widespread discrimination and harassment, which is often exacerbated by inaccurate identification."

Birth, marriage, and death certificates in New York State will still have "male" and "female" gender options along with a new "X" gender to represent another gender or an undesignated gender for anyone who identifies as non-binary.

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"Being able to select 'X' gender on a birth, marriage or death certificate marks another historic moment in our efforts to promote equality and respect for the LGBTQ+ community," State Department of Health Deputy Commissioner for Health Equity and Human Rights Johanne Morne said. "Every New Yorker needs to have identifying documents that accurately reflect who they are."

How to Change a Birth Certificate In New York State

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Anyone living in New York, outside of New York City, older than 17 can now change the gender designation on their birth certificate.

Anyone 16 and under needs the change to be requested from a parent or guardian.

CLICK HERE for more information and forms.

How to Change a Marriage Certificate In New York State

Anyone looking to change a marriage certificate must submit documents to the town or city clerk where the original marriage license was applied for or purchased.

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How to Change a Death Certificate In New York State

A change on a death certificate can only be made if the deceased made a change to their gender designation on their New York State birth certificate before dying, officials say.

CLICK HERE for the form to change the gender on a death certificate.

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Gov. Hochul
Gov. Hochul

In related news, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul recently announced a change to the New York State license. Empire State residents now have the option of not selecting a gender.

New York residents who don't want to choose a gender can now choose "X" as a gender marker on a New York State license, according to Hochul.

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