A massive 600-pound shark was recently spotted in New York water. Meanwhile, 50 other sharks were seen very close to beaches in the state and at least five people were recently bitten.

New York State has a shark problem.

Shark Attacks Increasing In New York State

New York Beaches Closed After 'Significant Size' Shark Spotted
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Gov. Kathy Hochul believes cleaner waters have led to a surge in shark encounters across New York. Others think it's global warming.

Back in 2012, there was just one reported shark attack across New York State. There were eight encounters in New York State in 2022.

Already this summer there's been at least five reported attacks. Five people were bitten in a span of just two days in and around Long Island on July 3 and July 4.

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At Least 50 Sharks Reported Near Beach In New York State

Officials reported at least 50 sand sharks were spotted just 200 yards away from the beach at Robert Moses State Park.

Increased Shark Sightings Along Cape Cod Coast Linked To Seal Population Growth
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"The lifeguards jumped off their stands and were screaming, 'Get out! Get out! Get out!' It was crazy, people didn't know what to do,"  Allison Ellers told NBC New York.

600 Pound Shark Spotted Off New York Coast

Meanwhile, a massive 600-pound shark recently pinged off the coast of Long Island.

The shark named Rose was tagged a few years ago. She's listed at 600 pounds and measures nearly 11 feet.

Shark fin above ocean water
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"Rose was tagged on OCEARCH's Expedition Nova Scotia 2020 and named after Rose Bay not far from where she was tagged," Oceargh states.

Rose pinged near East Moriches, the Ocearch group reports.

'Shark Drones' with Lasers are Coming to New York Beaches

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Gov. Hochul recently announced the state is giving out 60 drones to beach communities throughout Westchester, New York City and Long Island to deal with shark encounters at beaches.

Sharks of New York

There are several species of shark in the waters around New York.

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