If you're not busy tonight, you may want to take a quick look outside. You'll see something that you won't be able to see again for another 15 years!

We love keeping track of the Hudson Valley night sky, especially when we'll be able to see something unique.

According to USA Today and NASA.com tonight (Tuesday, October 6th 2020), we'll be getting a pretty good look at Mars. They say Mars will be "unusually close to the Earth" tonight.

And by "unusually close" they mean only 38.6 million miles away. No big deal.

NASA told USA Today that with Earth being this close to Mars, that Mars will appear very bright in our night skies and it will be much easier to see with a telescope or even with the naked eye.

Space.Com says that once the sun goes down and nightfall is upon us you'll see a "fiery, pumpkin-hued "star" blazing brilliantly."

They explain that Mars only gets this close and visible only once or twice in a 15 to 17 year period. This means if you do the math we probably won't get another front seat view of Mars like this until 2035!

If you miss Mars in the sky tonight, NASA says that it will still be shining brightly throughout the month of October. So get those telescopes ready.

Taking a look at our weather tonight, Hudson Valley Weather is reporting partly cloudy skies with a low near 49. Sounds like decent star gazing weather to me.

Will you be out there getting a glimpse of Mars up close and personal?

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