Correction: This article originally stated Migliaro participated in the "George Floyd Challenge." He didn't participate but was terminated due to his comments regarding photos of the challenge.

Companies are parting ways with a man who was seen on social media commenting on the "George Floyd Challenge."

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Videos and photos of people participating in the "George Floyd Challenge" have started to appear on social media. Facebook and Instagram have begun to hide or remove the videos or photos which show a person posing with their knee on someone else's neck.

According to Facebook posts, Ray Migliaro recently commented on photos of others participating in the "George Floyd Challenge." He has worked as a floor manager at Hudson Valley Comic Con, according to social media.

Hudson Valley Post reached out to Hudson Valley Comic Con and we were told HVCC has let Migliaro go over his comments on social media.

"HVCC has decided to part ways with Ray Migliaro given the circumstances surrounding his actions. HVCC is and has always been an inclusive environment open to all. We hope that everyone is staying healthy and safe during these challenging times and appreciate those who brought this to our attention," Hudson Valley Comic Con said. "The goal of HVCC has only ever been to provide a sense of community for all and we have no interest in such forms of discrimination."

Migliaro has also been let go from his position as VP of Operations ConnectiCon Convention.

"Effective immediately, we have terminated Ray Migliaro from his position as VP of Operations, he will no longer be involved with the convention going forward. We do not condone or agree with his recent activities on social media," ConnectiCon Convention wrote on Facebook.

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