I will be 100% transparent - when I first scrolled by the information about this Cat Hotel, I thought it was a hotel for humans that had cats living there and I got REALLY excited (like more excited than a grown adult should).

Looking more into what The Happy Cat Hotel in Westchester is all about, I'm definitely intrigued, but also wish I could check in along with my four-legged cat children.

Happy Cat Hotel To Offer Full-Service Cat Care in Westchester

This is not at all a cat boarding facility, this new spot that will soon open just south of the Hudson Valley in Scarsdale will offer luxury accommodations, activities, grooming, and more for your pet.

The Happy Cat Hotel & Spa will offer luxury-themed rooms, purrsonal room service, enrichment activities, spa services, and even an online store.


Do you see why I was really excited at the thought of checking into this hotel myself?

This custom-built cat-only 'boarding oasis' was designed to meet the needs of even the most picky kitties, with a variety of services on-site including daily brushing, playing, and affection, plus the option for your feline to visit the full cat day spa (you can even book spa services without a room reservation too).

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Disrupt the 'Catus Quo' Is Part of Their Story at The Happy Cat Hotel

In addition to the room service options, spacious rooms, beds and hammocks, cat owners will receive daily text messaging services, and can easily add on 24 hour webcam access to check in on your little loves!

In addition to the amenities, they also have trained staff and veterinarians and can support most cat healthcare needs on-site.

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This place has truly thought about it all, even offering individually themed rooms.  In addition to some of the ones displayed below, I'm predicting a fan favorite to be their 'Paws Camera Action' themed space.

Believe it or not, this isn't a completely unique luxury cat experience, The Happy Cat Hotel is actually a franchise, but this Scarsdale location will be the closest location to us here in the Hudson Valley.

They plan to open the location this spring!

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