If you hate having to deal with crowded flights full of rude passengers then this would be a dream come true. One 35 year-old New York man got to live this dream recently, and decided to share his unique experience to social media.

Vincent Peone, from Brooklyn, boarded the SkyWest-Delta flight to Salt Lake City and noticed something was up. CBS says that's when the announcement came over the terminal speakers for the trip's only passenger to board. Quite the development considering his first flight had been canceled.

When I stepped on, it was just this wash of empty seats, which is a site you don’t see very often.

Peone said he saw the crew actually load sandbags on to the empty plane for weight and balance purposes. Certainly not something you see everyday. CBS says that Delta told the lone passenger that the equipment onboard was needed at the next airport for another flight, so that why's they still flew with just him.


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