Another "major storm system" in Upstate New York is expected to create dangerous "blizzard-like conditions."

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul directed state agencies to begin emergency response preparations as lake-effect snow and strong winds have the potential to create dangerous "blizzard-like conditions" in parts of the state.

Blizzard-Like Conditions Possible In Upstate New York

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The areas of most concern are off the shores of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario this weekend.

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"The combination of lake effect snow, strong winds, and freezing temperatures could produce potentially life-threatening conditions in the areas along Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. New Yorkers should take this system seriously and begin making preparations now in the event the worst-case scenario occurs," Hochul's Office states.

Major Storm System For Much Of New York State

Another "major storm system" is expected to hit the Empire State with strong winds, rain and snow, on Friday evening and Saturday.


Temperatures are expected to drop quickly below freezing on Saturday which creates deal conditions for lake effect snow to develop.

"New Yorkers must be vigilant: another winter storm is on its way, and has the potential to have a serious impact," Hochul said. "We are deploying personnel, pre-setting equipment and issuing early warnings to ensure our response is speedy and effective."

Heavy Snow In Great Lakes


Areas along the Great Lakes will be hit with "heavy snow" as with the potential to fall at a rate of two inches an hour or more.

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"Lake effect snow is then expected to develop Saturday afternoon and continue through the weekend. Significant snowfall is possible in the heaviest bands of lake effect snow, however the exact location of those bands has yet to be identified," Hochul's Office added.

Heavy Winds Expected Throughout New York

Caution High Winds

Wind gusts of 35 mph to 70 mph are likely which poses a real potential for power outages, officials say.

Gusts up to 70 mph are possible in Western New York and gusts of 50-65 mph are in areas east of Lake Ontario.

The National Weather Service issued wind warnings for much of the state, including in the Hudson Valley.

Rain Expected This Weekend In Hudson Valley, Long Island, New York City


It appears the Hudson Valley, New York City and Long Island regions dodged snow from this weekend's storm.

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But heavy rain, up to 1 to 2 inches of rain, with wind gusts up to 50 mph Friday night into Saturday is predicted for those regions.

There's also a slight risk of flash flooding in these areas.

Snow For Hudson Valley Next Week

While the Hudson Valley should only see rain this weekend, weather officials are predicting a snowstorm early next week that could give many residents a "four-day weekend."

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