It could soon be illegal to drive in the left lane of a highway without passing a car.

New York state senator Joe Griffo (Oneida County, Republican) wants to rewrite a bill that would force vehicles in the left lane of a highway, which is called the "fast lane" or "passing lane" to move to the right lane if the vehicle is driving in the left-lane and doesn't pass a car for a 1.5 miles.

"'Coasting' in the passing lane along an interstate highway poses a safety risk to other vehicles, disrupts the flow of traffic and can lead to road rage. This bill would encourage individuals to occupy the left lane only when passing or overtaking another vehicle or to comply with the state's Move Over law. In doing so, traffic will be allowed to move more efficiently and safely," the bill memorandum states, according to the Times Union.

Griffo wants the bill rewrite after receiving many complaints from drivers who say other drives aren't using the "fast lane" to pass other vehicles.

Signs on the New York State Thruway tell motorists to stay in the right lane, except when passing. New York State law requires all drivers driving below the speed limit to remain in the right-lane, if safe.

New Jersey and New Hampshire have laws in place that fine drivers for not using the left lane to pass.

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