You have to hear it to believe it. Parents are outraged after they heard some of the jokes coming from this toy.

On Christmas day, most kids open their gifts in a frenzy, and parents may not have time to inspect every gift that was under the tree. The holiday season is now in the rearview mirror and one mother is going viral on TikTok after posting how disappointed she was with a toy her children's grandmother bought them for Christmas.

The toy is a small electronic phone from Linsay which is based out of Miami, Florida. The mother claims in a TikTok video that the toy repeats jokes and some of them are inappropriate for children.

The toy is marketed for kids ages 3 and up.

Here is the video. Listen to some of the jokes supposedly repeated by the toy. She claims the toy was purchased from Walmart.

@jes_ayin #walmart #geteducated #staywoke #linsaytoys #linsaytoyremote ♬ original sound - Dj JBaby

The jokes are absolutely weird. How would any kid in the age demographic even know what these jokes mean? Could they understand any of them?

Are these toys really saying these jokes or is it a hoax? According to Lowes' website, some parents have left negative reviews for having a similar experience with their toy. Others have stated they didn't notice anything odd with their product. Is this a TikTok hoax? Could some of these toys be defective?

Parents should check the toys before giving them to their kids.


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