The mayor of Danbury is not backing down from a fight with HBO's John Oliver.

On the August 16th episode of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, the city of Danbury came up during a discussion about jury selection. The segment, which focused on racial inequalities when it comes to selecting jurors, sidetracked for a minute when Oliver took a moment to let his true feelings show about the city sitting just over the border from the Hudson Valley.

The rant came out of the blue, with Oliver stating,

If you're going to forget a town in Connecticut, why not forget Danbury? Because (and this is true) F--- You Danbury!

The diatribe against Danbury continued with Oliver stating that Danbury can "eat my whole a--."

You can see the whole rant below starting at 6:16 into the segment.

After watching the segment, the mayor of Danbury decided to respond. This isn't the first time that mayor Mark Boughton found himself in a social media war. Just a year ago Boughton heard comments I made on the Boris & Robyn show about Danbury's pathetic obsession with their hat-making history.

After commenting on the unusual amount of businesses in Danbury that are hat-themed and pointing out that Beacon, NY was just as big of a hat manufacturer, if not bigger, Boughton fired off social media posts including a threat to "throw the hands."

The mayor, who has an especially great sense of humor wasn't going to let John Oliver off the hook either. This week he posted a response, promising to name one of the city's landmarks after the talk show host.

We'll all be tuning in on Sunday night to see if Oliver has anything more to say in response.

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