Social media has a way of bringing people together. This could entail groups of similar interests, accounts thats allow users to learn from or simply pure entertainment.

More than ever, people are getting recognized on social media and expanding from there. Personally, I love seeing people of all different age groups get "famous" from their social media videos and content.

It's possible that this comedian that you've seen on social media will soon arrive in the Hudson Valley.

A Viral Internet Sensation Books Show In Beacon, NY

Canva, Facebook, Towne Crier Cafe
Canva, Facebook, Towne Crier Cafe

Beacon, NY is a hotspot within the Hudson Valley. With it's close proximity to the train station and lower Hudson Valley, it's a great escape for some. While others enjoy it's shopping options, wide variety of food choices and unique charm to the town.

At one point in time, Beacon, NY was referred to as a mini Manhattan. Beaconites may be familiar with a popular eatery and bar, Melzingahs. This popular spot has an interesting name which may date back to the original name of Beacon, NY.

According to the Beacon Historical Society, Beacon was once referred to as "Matteawan and Fishkill Landing"

The Historical Marker Database explained that,

"The city of Beacon was created when the old villages of Matteawan and Fishkill Landing merged in 1913. Our settled community dates back to 1709, when Catheryna and Roger Brett chose this spot in all of the vast Rombout Patent to make their home. "


"Matteawan, home of our first factory, grew up around the Brett homestead and the water power of the Fishkill Creek. Fishkill Landing became an important river port and the earliest ferry landing along the Hudson."

The Matteawan Train Station was built in 1869 and its historical marker can be seen today. Besides Beacon being referred to as Matteawan and Fishkill Landing, it also had planned on going by another name. Dutchess County's oldest house, The Madam Brett Homestead is one of the most popular and historic spots in Beacon, NY.

I wonder if this comedian knows the extensive amount of history in Beacon, NY when he booked his show.

Vic DiBitetto Will Be Making A Stop In Beacon, NY In 2024

Vic DiBitetto is well known for his viral videos on social media. His popular segments called Ticked Off Vic gained attention from social media users from all over the world.

DiBitetto is relatable, loud, represents a New Yorker and down right funny. He has over 440,000 subscribers on YouTube, 1.1 million followers on Facebook and 293,000 followers on Instagram.

This YouTube Star's Instagram bio explains himself as,

"Churns energy, honesty & humanity into nonstop laughter"


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Comedian, Vic DiBitetto Will Perform At Towne Crier Cafe In Beacon, NY

Vic DiBitetto's show is presented by Laugh It Up Comedy. On January 18, 2024, Dibitetto will perform at the Towne Crier Cafe in Beacon, NY at 7:30pm.

They shared,

"On television, the big screen, and comedy stages across the country, Vic DiBitetto churns energy, honesty, and humanity into nonstop laughter.


"He first gained national attention as a bona fide internet sensation, with tens of millions of YouTube views for his now-famous “Bread and Milk” routine, as well as for his viral rants on celebs like Justin Bieber and Kanye West."

DiBitetto has also been on "America's Funniest People" on ABC and "Stand-Up Spotlight" which was on VH1.

During this event, there will be food and beverages available. Appetizers, entrees, desserts, beers and cocktails will be available in the cozy space of Towne Crier Cafe.

Tickets are only $35 in advance or $40 at the door to see the internet sensation, Vic Dibitetto take the stage at the Towne Crier Cafe in Beacon, NY.

Towne Crier Cafe

379 Main Street

Beacon, NY

Have you ever heard of Vic DiBitetto? Which one of his videos is your personal favorite? Share the details with us below.

World-Famous Celebrities Seen At Many Hudson Valley Businesses

Have You Been To FDR's Cousin's House in Rhinebeck, NY?

Some may only know about FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt but there were other family members who played a role in the Hudson Valley.

Thomas Suckley and his wife Catherine Murray Bowne created history in Dutchess County, NY. Their estate called "Wilderstein" was designed in the 1800's. 

According to, the meaning behind the name of their estate means "wild man's stone". This was in reference to "an Indian petroglyph on the property, a reminder of the cultural heritage that preceded European settlement of the region."

By the late 1800's, the son of Thomas and Catherine (Robert Bowne Suckley) along with his wife, Elizabeth Philips Montgomery decided to add onto the estate.

This "Queen Anne style mansion" is also known for its beautiful views, lush landscape and large property. There were three generations of the Suckley family members that lived at Wilderstein. 

Who was related to FDR?

Margaret Suckley was not only just a cousin of FDR but they spent quality time together. She traveled with FDR during his presidency and gifted him his black Scottish terrier dog, Fala.
Margaret also helped FDR form his library located in Hyde Park, NY.

Some would also say that she was a "confidante" to him as well. Margaret was with FDR when he passed away in Georgia. She died at the Wilderstein estate in 1991 at 100 years old.

Margaret was the last resident to live at Wilderstein. 

Wilderstein is also known as "the Hudson Valley's most important example of Victorian architecture."

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay

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