A string of ATM thefts have forced police to issue warnings to numerous Westchester, New York businesses.

Police in Westchester County are warning local businesses to be aware that thieves are allegedly targeting area businesses and stealing their ATMs, with one being taken in broad daylight according to CBS.

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Thieves are Stealing ATMs in Westchester, New York

The Pelham Manor Police Department has notified many of the area businesses in the village about a string of ATM thefts saying, "Recently, there have been incidents in the Pelham Manor Business Districts that involved the thefts of ATMs. The Pelham Manor Police Department takes these occurrences very seriously. While this type of theft has seen an uptick County-wide, we are actively working toward prevention in our local community."

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One ATM theft was recently caught on security cameras and shows thieves taking the ATM from the Pelham Manor Car Wash and Lube located on Boston Post Road. Footage shows thieves wearing bright-colored construction vests removing the ATM with a hand truck and lifting it into the back of an SUV before driving off.


Police Chief Warns Other Businesses

Pelham Manor Police Chief Thomas Atkins sent notices to business owners in the area explaining how thieves got away with the machines saying that the ATM was removed with a hand-truck or carried away according to Patch. Atkins reminded businesses to be on the lookout for suspicious activity and suggested that business owners make sure ATMs are not placed near exits and are covered by security cameras. He also recommended that any business with an ATM on site should bolt the machines to the floor making it much harder for thieves to steal.

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