Why would an entire community lose its mind over coffee?

Statistics show that most American adults begin almost every day with a nice hot/cold cup of coffee. If you are one of those people and live in the town of Red Hook, NY you might have noticed recently that one of the most popular names in coffee has "paused" serving the Dutchess County town for a while.

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Dunkin' Closed in Red Hook, New York?

That was the question coffee lovers in Red Hook have been asking over the last few days. I've been asked multiple times if I had any idea why the Dunkin' at 7331 S Broadway (Route 9), Red Hook, NY was no longer open. At first, I was shocked to hear that they were no longer open but after doing a little digging around we've discovered that the closing is only temporary.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Red Hook Dunkin Donuts Will Reopen

It's unclear when the Route 9 Dunkin' closed but according to numerous sources, the closing is temporary as the location undergoes some remodeling. We have reached out to Dunkin to see if they could provide us with a timeline regarding the remodel but no one has answered any of our phone calls just yet. According to one of the Red Hook community groups on Facebook, the remodel is underway and has been for a bit with some saying that it's expected to take about six weeks for it to be completed and others saying they are expecting the location to reopen by the end of October.

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The good news is that the location will reopen once everything is done so Dunkin lovers in Red Hook can take a deep breath they aren't leaving for good...LOL! As soon as we hear back from Dunkin we will update this article with any information they provide.

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