Heritage Food and Drink in Wappingers Falls closed for a hush-hush movie filming on Thursday. While they can't say what movie it is, we've already figured it out.

The Hudson Valley has become a popular shooting location for major motion pictures. Last month, filming wrapped on Smile 2, a sequel to one of the most talked about films of 2022. The horror franchise chose Newburgh, New York as its principal shooting location, sending crews throughout Orange County and surrounding areas to film major scenes for the movie.

Orange County was also the setting for A Quiet Place. Several iconic scenes from the smash-hit horror film take place at familiar sights in New Paltz. More recently, projects such as the Academy Award-winning motion picture The Whale, HBO's White House Plumbers, Pretty Little Liars, Natasha Lyonne's Poker Face and Amy Schumer's Live & Beth have all filmed in the Hudson Valley.

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Top-Secret Movie Filming in Wappingers Falls

On Thursday, Heritage Food and Drink on Route 9 in Wappingers Falls alerted customers that they would be closed for the entire day. The restaurant announced that it had been chosen as a location for a major motion picture. While they were allowed to say that a movie filming was taking place, they were forbidden from revealing the project's name.

While we are bound by confidentiality at this time, we will announce the movie as we get closer to the release date! As of now, the Heritage name will be in the movie and not be changed. Pretty cool!

Heritage said the film would be released sometime in 2025.

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Mysterious Wappingers Falls Movie Filming Revealed

While Heritage was unable to name the major motion picture, the restaurant was allowed to sneak a video of the staff posing with some of the equipment used in the filming. We were able to zoom in to discover evidence that the crew was there capturing scenes for an upcoming romantic comedy starring Rachael Leigh Cook.

The movie is titled There She Goes and is loosely based on Cook's own life. In October, the project announced that it would use the Hudson Valley as its base of operations. The film follows the story of an actress in the 1990s who, while famous for her characters in romantic comedies, is unable to make a true love connection in real life. In real life, Cook gained fame staring in some high-profile 90s romcoms including She's All That, The Baby-Sitters Club and Josie and the Pussycats.

Wappingers Falls Restaurant Filming
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The film, directed by Charles Hood, continues to film at various Hudson Valley locations and is expected to be released sometime in 2025.

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