On Monday, April 22nd, the riotous bard of our time Jon Stewart name-dropped a uniquely eclectic town nestled in the rolling mountain ranges of the picturesque Hudson Valley on the hilariously esteemed show, The Daily Show...

This is some hard-hitting news so buckle up buttercups, we're diving deep.

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Jon Stewart opened season 29, episode 37 speaking on the latest Trump trials, hailing the segment, "America's Most Tremendously Wanted." In the segment, Stewart details the superfluous coverage of the trial (well, Trump's quite uneventful commute to the trial) begging the question...is this coverage really necessary?

Stewart presents a parade of political pundits and news anchors expressing how excessive coverage of unimportant details regarding presidential candidates can actually hurt the political process in this country, and how these pundits have learned a thing or two since the contentious 2016 election.

Then we cut to "The Trial of a Century."

*Cue record scratch*

This article is about the real hard-hitting element of the segment: name-dropping New Paltz. So before we get too deep into dissecting the self-inflicted downfalls of politics in the United States, let's refocus on "New York's Best Hippie Town."

New Paltz Properties
New Paltz Properties

New Paltz Diss?

As strategically teased in the opening of this article, Jon Stewart did give New Paltz a shoutout during this episode. Let's explain before you get too excited.

During the conversation about excessive, selective news coverage, Stewart shows a news organization analyzing a court sketch and what the facial expressions in the sketch could mean.

This is where New Paltz gets its big moment, guys.

The anchor asks the sketch artist what was happening during the sketch where she drew Trump's eyes shut. The artist explains that she was 50 feet away and was simply struggling to get the eyeballs correct.

From here, Stewart comes back to commenting, facetiously asking if Donald Trump has eyeballs at all, demanding, "Tell me! Or I will not come to your trinket shop in New Paltz!"

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Perhaps it's the jewelry. Perhaps it's New Paltz's reputation for being that quirky art-centric town. Or perhaps New Paltz just has that unspoken thing about it where if you see it, you just know it.

Trump Sketch Artist’s New Paltz Ties

Christine Cornell is the sketch artist from the trial and she has a pretty impressive portfolio. She sketched serial killer "Son of Sam" David Berkowitz during a hearing in Kings County, she witnessed John Lennon's murderer Mark David Chapman stand before a judge and was there for the trial of Bernie Maddoff.

But I digress. Does she even have ties to New Paltz?

We reached out to Christine Cornell for comment and she did share that she likes New Paltz a lot!

She shared,

I expect it was a nod to my artsy garb! Or maybe my folksy manner! Rolled right off my back.

So there you have it. Don't you feel oh so informed?

You can catch the whole Jon Stewart clip here OR you can take a refreshing gander at some of the best outdoor dining in New Paltz below. The choice is yours.

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