New Paltz

New Paltz, NY is one of the Hudson Valley's crowning jewels. Located in Ulster County, New Paltz is provides picturesque views of the Shawangunk Ridge and is rich with colorful culture.

New Paltz was founded by the Huguenots, a group of French settlers that arrived to the area in 1677. According to Historic Huguenot Street, the land was sold to the French by the Esopus Indians. The Esopus Indians received modern supplies such as tools, clothing, and consumable goods like wine and tobacco, along with continued rights for the Espous to continue to hunt on the land. Today, the history of the Huguenots has been preserved and is protected as a 10-acre National Historic Landmark District. There are several original houses remaining on Huguenot Street as well as their burial ground and a reconstructed church.

Today, New Paltz thrives as a popular tourist destination and quaint college town. SUNY New Paltz is a highly credited public university, often highlighted for its diverse academics, affordability, and atmosphere. The Mohonk Mountains, as well as the luxurious Mohonk Mountain House, are also notable stops for many tourists. Many who visit New Paltz come to take in the town's delicious restaurant scene, shop at the town's prided small businesses, and explore the colorful hiking trails.

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