It's almost time to Spring forward. March 10 marks Daylight Savings Time, as we set the clocks ahead an hour early Sunday morning at 2 AM. And while we're losing an hour of sleep this weekend, we now enter a time where we'll experience some of the longest hours of daily sunlight.

But as more and more states push to end the archaic practice of adjusting the clocks, could this Sunday's time change be the last?

Could New York put an end to a custom that goes all the way back to World War I, as a means to conserve energy? Some studies say keeping daylight saving hours year-round can help save energy, and reduce crime and accidents.

Will New York Make DST Permanent? 

Ranker says that the federal government took up legislation in 2022 and the Sunshine Protection Act was passed by the Senate. However, the House of Representatives has yet to vote.

As of January 2023, the bill was referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, according to Ranker. SI LIVE, however, says that previous bills remain trapped in committee, with no vote ever taking place.

Michael J. Rivera/TSM
Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Federal law currently prohibits daylight saving time for the entire year. If New York ever were to do this, they would follow nineteen other states that have already enacted legislation for year-round daylight saving time.

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So, while 19 states passed legislation, they still need federal government to approve. Many other state bills either don't pass, or are just left to die at the end of a legislative session.

NCSL says that two states -- Arizona and Hawaii -- and the U.S. territories of American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands observe permanent standard time.

Attempts From New York Lawmakers Continue 

Democratic NY Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara has teamed up with Republican Senator Joseph Griffo in the past with similar legislation to end the time change. Santabarbara's bill would have allowed New York to form an agreement with other Eastern states—including Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, that would make DST year-round.

As of late 2023, both Senators were still pushing the bill. 

If a proposal to end time changes across the state sounds a little familiar, you may remember this story from early 2020? State Senator James Skoufis, out of Cornwall, wanted to end daylight savings and move New York to Atlantic Standard Time.

Skoufis referred to the current method as "antiquated" and "nothing short of annoying".

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