A Poughkeepsie-based BBQ restaurant that has been serving the Hudson Valley since 2018 has been sold to new owners, and announcing all sorts of new and exciting upcoming changes.

Here's what we know about the (new) Dutchess Sports Bar & BBQ.

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Off Route 9 BBQ Spot

Back in 2018, Dutchess BBQ Bistro & Bar was born here in the Hudson Valley after the owners decided to take on BBQ and hang up his 'Philly cheese steak game.' Located in a prominent spot on New Hackensack Road, you can't miss the giant BBQ sign when driving by the plaza. No shame to the Rt. 9 restaurants, but sometimes it's really nice to be able to go out for a bite to eat, or order from a place that isn't on the main drag.

Known for their happy hours, and of course the BBQ offerings, back in February, new ownership took over the (former) Dutchess BBQ, and has gradually been making changes.

Dutchess BBQ Bistro & Bar Now Dutchess Sports Bar & BBQ

In a recent social media post, the new Dutchess Sports Bar & BBQ owners shared that they were so thankful for the incredible support they have received since taking over in February (of 2024), 'we couldn't do this without you!'

Dutchess BBQ & Bistro have been sharing all sorts of exciting in-house events like live music from local bands, karaoke, trivia nights, and some pretty enticing lunch specials as well.

Beginning this Monday, April 22nd, Dutchess Sports Bar & BBQ is excited to announce that they'll be open seven days a week, and invite you to follow along on their socials (Instagram - Facebook) to stay up to date on new events and exciting changes coming soon.

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