The Hudson Valley is producing some incredible singers, as seen on American Idol this season. Yesterday's episode showcased two young hopefuls as they sang their hearts out for the judges.

Amara Valerio Won't Be Interrupted Ever Again!

The episode that aired Sunday, March 12th on ABC showcased Westchester County resident Amara Valerio and Rockland County native Dany Epp.

Amara Valerio, from Yonkers, NY, opened with a story about how she was chosen to do the National Anthem at her high school's graduation her junior year. When she began to sing, a senior came over, interrupted her, and said that it was her senior year and class and that she should be the one to sing. They had the video for the judges to watch, and it was absolutely an awkward moment.

YouTube / American Idol
YouTube / American Idol

Amara never had the chance to sing again because the next year was COVID, and her high school was unable to have graduation in person.

The judges all sided with Amara, saying that she got "Kanye'd" (in reference to how Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift at the MTV Music Awards). Judge Luke Bryan took it as far saying he wanted the girl's name and that he had Navy Seal friends on the ready.

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Amara chose to sing "Bust Your Windows" by Jazmine Sullivan, which the judges thought was a funny choice, saying that they'll "bust HER windows," referencing the student that interrupted Amara.

Amara sang the song with a lot of sass and ferocity while the judges tried to guess the name of the girl that had wronged Amara. After her song, the judges unanimously congratulated Amara telling her that she is going to Hollywood!

Dany Epp Receives a 4 for 4 Decision From Judges

Next we have Dany Epp, a Suffern native. Dany now lives out in Ohio with her girlfriend, but Dany's mom (Denise) still lives in New York. Dany explained it had been about a year since they had seen each other, but Dany's mom came out for the special occasion. They asked Dany if Denise would be a critical judge and give an honest opinion. Dany said yes, so the judges requested her mom come in.

Dany explained how her mom has always been a huge support, and even when they are at a distance, they are always connected.


Katy Perry asked Denise which judge she thinks she is most like, and Denise said that she aligns with Katy Perry the most. The Katy Perry connections didn't end there. Dany's song choice was Katy Perry's very own "One That Got Away." The piano ballad version of the song started light but quickly grew as Dany showed some strong gruff and rasp and her voice. Katy Perry was so moved that she joined Dany at the end.


The judges asked Denise what she thought, and she said that Dany should go to Hollywood. Judges Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, and Katy Perry all agreed, making it a 4 for 4 decision. Dany Epp will also be heading to Hollywood.

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