Remember Calvin from that 90's Mickey Dee's commercial? Yes? No? Here's a quick refresher.

The caption of the video thanks to MMM Vintage Videos expresses the general sentiment (for all of us) around Calvin getting his first job at Micky Dee's.

Most of us who were 90’s teens remember Calvin. We watched Calvin grow over a few years as he progressed from a young kid looking forward to his new job at McDonald’s to ultimately working his way up to manager.



Welp. Turns out there's a guy in Long Island who got his start at McDonald's just like Calvin did. Only, it wasn't the 90's, it was the 70's and his name isn't Calvin, It's Paul.

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According to Morgan Smith of CNBC, Paul Hendel "started working at the newly opened McDonald’s in Merrick, New York on the south shore of Long Island in 1973 when he was just 16 years old, excited to snack on unlimited French fries and hang out with his friends between shifts. The gig paid $1.85 an hour."

Believe it or not, you needed to have an in to get a job at McDonald’s back then, so my brother, who was working in the kitchen, recommended me for the job, Everybody wanted to work there.


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Hendel now owns and operates 31 McDonald’s locations across Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan, including the flagship restaurant in Times Square. He did good in his 50 years working for the golden arches.

Hendel told CNBC's Make It, “I never thought it would be my forever job, But I also can’t imagine working anywhere else.”

I wonder if Calvin is doing just as well.

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