If you know me, you know I love Halloween.

I love scary movies and stories about the paranormal. I could watch Hocus Pocus all year around while drinking apple cider and carving pumpkins. But I can also identify, that it's still slightly summer time.

We're still only in the first half of September.

With that being said, I want to know...is it too early for Halloween decorations.

Even with my love of the spooky holiday, I think it's way too early. Should you stock up on decorations and candy now? Sure, why not!?

But putting it up before the autumnal equinox? Chill out.

I was driving to work the other morning (at 4:55am, still not fully awake) and had the daylights scared out of me. Someone had their strobe light decorations with skulls in the background on full display.

Absolutely not.

Lets all agree. No decorations until at least September 23rd and if you do put them up, please for the love of everything that is holy, turned them off for those early drivers who haven't had their coffee yet.

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