Even though the weather lately hasn't felt like it, spooky season is officially upon us.

Those cobwebs that you've been saying you're going to clean off the side of the house...well they may actually come in handy for this.

The Town of Fishkill Town Board is once again sponsoring a Halloween decoration contest for their town residents.  The contest is free to enter for any/all Fishkill residents, and all you need to do to participate is take both daytime and nighttime photos of your decorated house - spooky, scary, or otherwise festive Halloween displays are wanted.  Decorations aren't limited to just your front yard, you can submit a window display, a porch, a balcony, or even a car.  The purpose is to share your Halloween spirit!

Once you have your photos done, you'll need to fill out the application form which you can find here, and then send both the photos, and the form to the following address:  socialmedia@fishkill-ny.gov.

Submissions will be posted and share on the Town of Fishkill Facebook page, and then residents will pick their favorites.  Winners will be awarded with the 'Fishkill's Finest' award, and the Town Board and Supervisor will also pick their favorite Halloween displays.  Winners will also receive a Proclamation from the Town!

Remember, your photos will be shared on social media, so keep that in mind.  The application form has more about how the photos will be used with the following disclaimer:

By submission of this registration form, all entrants agree to permit and grant the Town of Fishkill a royalty-free, perpetual, non-exclusive license to display, distribute, post, reproduce and take photos of decorated property. All entrants agree to release the contest photographer, Facebook or other social media sites from any responsibility or liability related to the contest. Entrants acknowledge that they have read and understand the contest details and consent to use of photos of their property in accordance with the rules and this acknowledgement. Entrants must be a Town of Fishkill residents.

So Fishkill, let's see what you've got when it comes to trickin' (or treatin') out your stuff!

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