A man caught illegally fishing in the Hudson River gave an interesting excuse for why he shouldn't be ticketed. It didn't work, but what do you think of his alibi?

This week, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation released its latest Environmental Conservation Police on Patrol report.

The latest report highlighted illegal fishing in Dutchess County (more on this below) and a boat in the Hudson River that was stuck "Between a Rock and a Hard Place."

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Boat Rescue On Hudson River In Dutchess County, New York


The boat got stuck on a rock in the Hudson River, as you can see in the photo above, and three people had to be rescued.

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Fisherman Ticketed In Dutchess County

ECO Johnson recently received a call while off-duty reporting an individual attempting to catch river herring with a net in Wappinger Creek in the town of Wappinger.


Despite not working, Johnson was just 10 minutes away and responded to the location in his personal vehicle.

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Johnson then recorded the man "breaking the law," according to the DEC.

Johnson sent the video to a coworker, ECO Walraven, who responded and apprehended the violator.

Fisherman Says He Shouldn't Be Ticketed


The man admitted to using a net to try and catch herring, which is illegal, the DEC reports.

However, the man says he shouldn't receive a ticket because he didn't catch "anything," yet.

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Despite that, he was ticketed for taking river herring with a net within a tributary of the Hudson River.

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