Some people are just trying to stay cool. Police say a real-life Frozone struck a gas station early Sunday morning. But instead of making off with cash or beer, this cool customer hit the ice box instead. Now in a case of stone-cold robbery, this gas station is missing 80 bags of ice, according to officials. Yeah, it's kind of a slow news day.

The Ice Man Cometh

The man involved in this cold case may have thought he had ice running through his veins when he pulled off the alleged heist, however surveillance footage caught him in the act. Greece Police posted the suspect's pics on their Twitter page. CBS says the theft took place at the Kwik Fill gas station in Greece, NY.

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In the pictures posted by police, the suspect can be seen breaking into the store's ice chest and loading up his sedan with the bags. Aside from pouring some of the ice into his next glass of whatever it is he's drinking or maybe loading up his backyard inflatable pool, it is not certain what he intends to do with all those bags. Police would appreciate the public's help locating this wannabe Mr. Freeze.


Talk about a real Bozo. Police say a clown robbed a gas station in New York state one early morning back in November. Authorities say the suspect is female, has a pale white face, orange hair, and has a really big red nose. Yes, the suspect we are describing was dressed as a clown. This story might not be suitable for those who suffer from coulrophobia.


New York State Police say the robbery happened early morning at a Circle K gas station in Verona. Troopers say the suspect went up to the counter and brandished a weapon, before making off with an unknown amount of cash during the heist. Officials also pointed out that the clown was wearing all black and is around 5 feet tall. No word if authorities have checked any of the town's local sewer drains for red balloons or any other clues.

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