It’s been several years now since they closed the Amish Market in Hyde Park. It was kind of sad when it closed because it was kind of cool. It was a bit different from other grocery stores in the area, but big enough to be able to do your weekly shopping. And they had bulk items in barrels if I remember correctly. Anyway, when they closed I hoped that something similar would take up the empty space.

Well, that space sat empty for years. Even though there was all sorts of building construction happening all around the area of the Amish Market building, it just sat there empty. My hopes for a cool replacement were dwindling. At one point I had heard that there might be a Trader Joe’s moving in, but that turned out to be a cruel rumor that got everybody’s hopes up.

So, just the other day I had to stop at the pet food store that is right next to the former Amish Market, and I noticed there was real construction happening there. On that very building. It’s obvious that they are getting ready for something, and I was hoping it was something cool. I rushed into the pet food store to ask my trusty pet food store woman what the heck was going on. And she told me what she knew.

Is it going to be a Trader Joe’s? Or maybe something similar? A new fun kind of store that we can shop at? Maybe a Marshalls? Or a home store where we can get nice things for our living spaces? I was all ears. And here’s what the pet food lady told me. It’s going to be the new building for the Dutchess County Board of Elections. She said she was positive about that. She heard there may also be some rentable storage spaces there, too, but she wasn’t totally sure about that. Board of Elections? Storage? What a disappointment for a shopper like me.

The good news is that it will no longer be an empty building. Not too much good comes from an empty building, especially one that’s been sitting for years. So, congratulations to the Dutchess County Board of Elections on their new future home. But I’m still hoping for a Trader Joe’s.

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