You can help make sure some young students don't go without lunch this school year. There are also meal tags available if you need a meal for a child.

The school year started just weeks ago and things are still shaky at best. In-person learning is still not the main standard for most schools throughout the Hudson Valley and most schools have either developed a hybrid schedule or have gone to strictly remote learning all together.

Sadly, this means that not a whole lot has changed for kids from low-income families or parents who have hectic schedules and may not have the time or resources to provide their children with another meal each weekday. Ever since schools closed in March it has become very apparent that many kids and parents in the Hudson Valley relied on schools to provide the meal. It's a sad reality that took a pandemic for us to realize.

According to their website, Mama Musetti's in Wappingers Falls has started collecting money to help ensure that local kids don't miss that important meal. The program is called Mama's Lunchbox and they're currently accepting monetary donations to help continue the service free to children and families of the community. A $10 donation will provide a meal for a local child. You can either pay in person at the restaurant, venmo or online.

Every time a donation is made, a meal tag will become available in the restaurant for a kid who needs it. Mama Musetti's encourages anyone struggling to come in and please take advantage of their meal tags.

This is just another great example of the community rallying together in a time of crisis.


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