Two Hudson Valley women are facing charges in connection with the alleged severe mistreatment of two horses.

On Wednesday, the Putnam County SPCA announced the arrests of 53-year-old Patricia Macquignon and 24-year-old Michaela Macquignon, both from the Town of Putnam Valley.

A 20-year-old Male Quarter Horse named Red and an 18-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse named Oreo, owned and cared for by the two, were found to be in a severe state of emaciation, officials say.

According to the Putnam County SPCA, a vet found that both horses were rated one out of nine on the equine body condition score, with five being normal.

The bone structure was easily noticeable, the ribs and withers were protruding prominently, their skin was in a severe state of neglect due to dermatitis or rain rot and there was also apparent neglect to the hooves, with cracks and necrotic tissue present, officials say.

Both were charged with two counts of animal cruelty and failure to provide substance.

“All animals require daily care, which at a minimum means adequate food, clean water, shelter and veterinary care. All of this costs money and needs to be
factored into the decision of whether or not to own an animal," SPCA Chief Ken Ross stated.

The horses were removed from the Putnam Valley property, and are now showing signs of improvement at a rescue location in Dutchess County.

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