Some residents with COVID-19 are reportedly not following protocols to quarantine at home.

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On Tuesday, Vivian Stephanie informed Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus that some people who tested positive for COVID-19 are not staying at home.

"People who have tested positive and/or are awaiting results and should be quarantined are still on the streets and are a public hazard to the health of others," Stephanie wrote in the comment section of the Orange County Executive's COVID-19 Update for Tuesday, March 31.

Neuhaus called those actions "irresponsible" and told residents what you can do if you see someone not following protocols to quarantine at home.

"That is irresponsible behavior and has made it worse for our community. They can be charged. They need to be reported to the OC Dept of Health or the DA. It is unfortunate," Neuhaus said.

"The Governor’s PAUSE Enforcement Assistance Task Force, which is made up of State and Local Officials, and the State Police, will help us put restrictions on businesses and gatherings through Executive Orders designed to reduce public density and slow the rate of transmission. Regardless of where anyone lives or their background the message has to be clear: STAY HOME," a spokesperson for Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus told Hudson Valley Post.

On Wednesday, the Putnam County Health Commissioner issued a "Standing Isolation Order" that states any person that tests positive for COVID-19 must stay at home or a place ordered by the Putnam County Department of Health. Residents may be fined up to $2,000 per violation per day for violating the order.

“Everyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 must follow the guidance outlined in this order. In order to curb this disease and flatten the curve every resident’s cooperation with all guidance from the Putnam County Department of Health is needed. At this time every decision we make not only impacts ourselves and our family, but our entire community. Your actions throughout this outbreak will make the difference between life and death,”  Putnam County Health Commissioner Michael J. Nesheiwat said in a press release.

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