A Hudson Valley resident was caught selling “dwarf alligators."

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On Thursday, Orange County District Attorney David M. Hoovler commended the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Police for their enforcement of laws prohibiting the sale of wild animals in Orange County, and all of New York State.

Hoovler highlighted one incident where an Orange County resident was prosecuted for the sale of wild animals in violation of the Environmental Conservation Law for selling juvenile alligators.

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The alligators were listed for sale as “dwarf alligators," according to Hoovler. An investigation determined the alligators were American alligators which can grow up to 15 feet long and weigh up to 1,000 pounds, although they normally grow to less than eleven feet and weigh less than 700 pounds.

“Not only is it important that the public not be defrauded when they purchase an animal, but some species can be dangerous to the owner as well as to the environment,” Hoovler said. “The sale of alligators is regulated in New York State because of the size and strength of these animals, as well as the fact that in the wild they would be considered an invasive species which could disrupt New York’s natural species. Although American alligators are no longer considered to be an endangered species, their skins are virtually identical to the skins of endangered crocodilians, such as the black caiman, and the unregulated sale of American alligators could further endanger theses other species, since it takes an expert to distinguish between their skins after they are made into products.”

More information about the arrest or Orange County resident hasn't been released. A permit is required in New York State to sell or possess alligators.

In related news, a Hudson Valley resident owned and was illegally selling "extremely dangerous" venomous snakes.

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