A Hudson Valley resident owned and was illegally selling "extremely dangerous" venomous snakes.

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On Thursday, Orange County District Attorney David M. Hoovler confirmed the DA's office partnered with the Environmental Conservation Police to prosecute an individual in the business of illegally possessing and selling certain venomous snakes in Orange County in violation of the Environmental Conservation Law’s prohibition against the Illegal Commercialization of Prohibited Species.

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Some of the snakes included Gaboon vipers, puff adders and various Asian pit-vipers, officials say. The snakes are "extremely dangerous" and were sent to the Bronx Zoo, according to Hoovler. The Bronx Zoo is one of the few organizations in New York authorized under the law to possess those types of snakes.

Hoovler said on Thursday the snakes were listed for sale in 2020. More information about the individual or investigation wasn't released.

In related news, a Hudson Valley resident was caught selling “dwarf alligators."

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