The heroic actions of a Hudson Valley police officer saved the life of a local woman who days later found out she was pregnant.

Last Saturday, a woman approached City of Middletown police officer Jim Schoenleber and asked to speak with him.

She told him that last year, officer Schoenleber was on patrol and saw a girl lying on the front steps of a church. The woman was suffering from an opiate overdose and wasn’t breathing.

Officer Schoenleber gave the girl a lifesaving dose of Narcan. Soon, the woman woke up and was taken to a local hospital for treatment and support.

The woman told officer Schoenleber that she was the girl he saved and she wanted to personally thank him for saving her life, according to City of Middletown police.

"She also wanted to thank Officer Schoenleber for saving her daughter’s life, because only two weeks after that incident, she found out she was pregnant with a baby girl," the City of Middletown Police Department wrote on Facebook. "Without Officer Schoenleber’s assistance, neither the girl or her unborn baby would have survived."

The unnamed woman showed the officer photos of her young daughter and they posed for the photo seen above. The child is currently in foster care while the woman completes her treatment, but she hopes to bring her home soon, police say.

"This story is a scary reminder of the terrible opioid epidemic facing our nation. However, it also shows that there is hope! You can get treatment, and you can free yourself from it’s grips." City of Middletown Police Department wrote. "If you or anyone you know needs help with your addiction, please contact our agency for a list of services and programs dealing with opioid addiction. We can help!"

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