A number of Hudson Valley Firefighters are being called heroes for going above their call of duty and delivering a baby on the side of the road.

Wednesday morning members, of the Spring Valley Fire Department were cleaning up a spill from a ruptured gas tank when a taxi pulled up near them with a woman in distress.

The cabbie told the fireman that he was transporting the woman in labor to the hospital, but the baby wasn’t going to wait.

Members of the Spring Valley Fire Department, as they do with fires, jumped into action.

They provided privacy with their trucks and laid out an area for her to lay down on.

Under the direction of Chief Kenny Sohlman, Spring Valley Hook and Ladder 2nd lieutenant Jason Dennison, and Rockland Hook and Ladder Chauffeur Eric Mann, the Spring Valley Fire Department delivered a healthy baby boy.

Firefighter/EMT Avi Genuth checked out the mother and baby. Care was provided until EMS showed up.

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