At what seems to be time of turmoil between citizens and police, a group of Hudson Valley elementary students made Valentine’s Day extra special for a local police department.

The Town of Newburgh Police Department shared on their Facebook a photo of a large container of Hersey Kisses they received from a Pre-K class at Gardnertown Elementary School in the Town of Newburgh.

The candy also come with a touching poem:

Dear Police officer, Detectives and Dispatchers
To our Police Officers in blue
Thank you for all that you do
You help protect us everyday
So we are sending hugs and hearts your way!


Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Ms. Sierra and Mrs. Tuckers Pre-K class
Gardnertown Fundamental Magnet School

The Town of Newburgh Police Department was moved by the kind and unexpected gesture.

"The police officers would like to send a BIG THANK YOU to Ms. Sierra and Mrs. Tucker pre K class at the Gardnertown elementary school for the Hershey Kisses on Valentine's day! This truly means alot to us,” the department wrote on Facebook.

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