Update Friday: Hudson Valley Weather says that storm is tracking more south, so the Hudson Valley is now forecasted to receive 2 to 4 inches of snow.

Despite temperatures in the 50s on Thursday, a storm is brewing that should bring a significant amount of snow to the Hudson Valley this weekend.

According to Hudson Valley Weather, a storm is developing south of the Hudson Valley and when the moisture heads to our area, the cold air in the Hudson Valley will cause the storm to form into snow.

"So yes… we are looking at the likelihood of a snowstorm Saturday night, starting right around sunset… and then tapering off before sunrise on Sunday morning," Hudson Valley Weather wrote on its website.

With three days until the storm, the forecast could change, but as of now, Hudson Valley Weather is predicting three to six inches of snow across most of the Hudson Valley.

"All of the computer guidance sees this as a legitimate possibility… and the pattern favors this storm to develop and push snow into the Hudson Valley," Hudson Valley Weather said.

As of now, Hudson Valley Weather puts the odds at the local area seeing snow this weekend at 65% to 70%

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