A website crunched the numbers and came up with a list ranking the top 10 dumbest cities in New York. A number of the top 10 are from the local area, including the top spot.

The ranking was done by roadsnacks.net. A site that uses, “data to create bite-sized snacks of shareable information about places and cities across the country.” The website is quick to add their “goal is to show you the real side of places that not everyone wants to hear.”

A recent Washington Post study found that New York was the 17th smartest state, with the 7th highest rate of college graduates in the country.

Still, the Road Snacks wanted to find out what cities in New York are dumbest. In order to determine New York’s dumbest places the site crunched the numbers by using the percentage of a city’s population with less than a high school educations, age 25 and up, and the percentage of high school drop outs. Only places with a population of over 5,000 was were looked at.

After the numbers were added up here are the top 10 dumbest cities in the Empire State:

1. Monticello
2. West Haverstraw
3. Albion
4. Amsterdam
5. Spring Valley
6. Gloversville
7. Poughkeepsie
8. Freeport
9. Hudson Falls
10. Glen Cove

According to the site, Monticello has the second highest rate of teenage dropouts, 22.1%, in all of New York. 22.1% of the areas adults are without a high school diploma.

West Haverstraw had a slightly higher dropout rates in adults, 22%, as Monticello. 15.5% of teens from the Rockland location drop out.

Spring Valley ranked 5th on the list thanks largely to 3 out of 10 adults over 25 without a high school diploma.

21% of Poughkeepsie adults are lacking a high school degree, which is the 14th worst rate that the website ranked. 12.4% of the Dutchess County city's teenagers drop out, 3 times higher than the state average.


According to the website the rankings are:

“Opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. Don’t freak out.”

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