I don't know who the heck Thomas is but I think it's safe to say he had the coolest birthday cake in the Hudson Valley this year.

Over the past few months I have started to become obsessed with watching baking shows. Though I have no desire to bake anything myself or go out and buy modeling chocolate or fondant I have to admit there's something cool about watching people try to make intricate and edible desserts while being timed.

It's crazy to think these kinds of bakers are out there in this world. They're actually closer than you think. We've got some right here in the Hudson Valley.

Enchanted Cakes Inc in Kingston found a way to celebrate both the spirit of Halloween and the Hudson Valley in one delicious cake.

Can you imagine celebrating a birthday in October? Talk about the ultimate sugar rush. On top of getting massive hauls of candy you've also got a giant cake to look forward to. If you're going to have a birthday cake during the same month as Halloween it's got to fit the season, right? There's just something about a My Little Pony or a Transformers cake that just doesn't seem to fit.

This cake was a custom order for a huge fan of The Walking Dead series and arcording to the creator, adding 'Lucille' to the cake seemed like the obvious choice to bring to the piece.

I love how Enchanted Cakes Inc decided to shout out The Walking Dead's Hudson Valley ties by paying homage Rhinebeck resident and star of the show, Jeffery Dean Morgan who plays Negan.

This cake is so well done it looks like something that dreams are made of or should I say nightmares? (Insert evil laugh here).

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