The Hudson Valley Film Commission is a local organization that helps connect Hollywood to the Hudson Valley. They've offered up some helpful tips on what not to do when it comes to sending out your head shot.

The head shot you send when approaching a producer is kind of a big deal. It's your first impression, you could have the acting skills of James Earl Jones but if you've sent a picture of yourself covered in mud and in ripped jeans, you're probably not going to be the next Darth Vader.

A couple of our favorites in the post below include #12 shooting down duck lips and #22 that states the picture should actually look like you (gotta love common sense). The fact that there are 24 items on the list leads us to believe they've had issues with each and every one of them. We're going to go ahead and add a 25th: Snapchat filters are unacceptable for head shots.

The Hudson Valley is filled with talented photographers. If you want to take your acting career seriously, suck it up and get some proper head shots.

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