Hudson Valley residents were shocked to discover Kate Hudson's famous wedding coat.

Actress Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes got married on New Year's Eve in 2000 near Aspen, Colorado.

Kate wore a custom Vera Wang Couture fur coat to keep warm with a shawl collar and dramatic train.

Her wedding coat was just discovered by a Hudson Valley resident.

Kate Hudson's Wedding Coat Discovered By New Windsor, New York Resident

Galipette Vintage
Galipette Vintage

Chris Damone of Damone Painting Contractors is an avid storage unit auction hunter and buyer. He recently made a shocking discovery from one of his units.

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After returning to his home in New Windsor, he spotted a number of "very rare" items, including a coat with a dry cleaning tag with the name "Hudson, Kate" on it.

Dry Cleaning Tag Offers Clue

The dry cleaning tag also featured a Manhattan address, which Damone confirmed was the address of a New York City building Hudson used to own.

Chris Damone
Chris Damone

"I couldn't believe it was actually hers," Damone told Hudson Valley Post. "I saw the name on the tag in the unit and thought it was just someone with her name until I started looking it up online."

A Hudson Valley Family Affair

Damone then called his cousin, Lucille Damone, who happens to be a vintage dealer. They were able to confirm the coat in New Windsor was the coat Hudson wore during her 2000 wedding.

"I was shocked/excited/amazed- I had all the feels! As a vintage dealer, part of the absolute joy of my work is the hunt for the pieces. I knew that Chris had dabbled in storage unit auctions, but I never anticipated that he would find something so special," Lucille told Hudson Valley Post in an email. "Chris and I grew up very close and we could have never planned how our professional lives would intersect."

Galipette Vintage
Galipette Vintage

Lucille, from Newburgh, New York, founded Galipette Vintage in 2010. Her company is a Hudson Valley-based vintage clothing archive.

"Galipette in French means somersault or ‘to go head over heels’. To Lucille, this is what it feels like when we find a piece of vintage that ticks off all the boxes- it looks amazing, feels great, is priced right, and drum roll...fits?!?! It's the magical moment the stars align, we fall in love, and," she told Hudson Valley Post.

Kate Hudson's Wedding Coat To Be Featured This Weekend In New York City

Lucille will be a dealer this weekend (Oct. 20- 22) at the Manhattan Vintage Show. Hudson's wedding coat will be part of her collection.

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"To my knowledge, this is the first celebrity-owned piece that I've acquired," Lucille said. "I was a high school senior in 2000 when Kate got married so I instantly remembered what she wore and that time period holds lots of nostalgia for me. I've always admired her for her work and how she lives her life so I was very excited. I'm honored to have acquired this very special piece and to be the channel to pass it along to someone else."

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Manhattan Vintage Show Details

Galipette Vintage
Galipette Vintage

The Manhattan Vintage Show will be located at 125 West 18th Street in New York City.

"The Manhattan Vintage Show is New York’s iconic vintage experience—an inspiring celebration for everyone who sees vintage as the future of fashion," Manhattan Vintage Show states on its website.

The show is scheduled to run from noon until 6 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 20, and from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

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