Many Hudson Valley residents called 911 after seeing smoke in the sky. They weren't wrong.

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On Monday, a number of Sullivan County residents called 911 to report a potential fire. Though residents couldn't pinpoint any blaze they noticed a lot of smoke in the air

"We've been getting a number of calls from residents concerned with the smoke they're seeing in the air around Sullivan County today," Sullivan County 911 wrote on Facebook.

Officials confirmed residents really did see smoke, but the smoke wasn't coming from anywhere in Sullivan County. The smoke actually traveled from Canada into Sullivan County.

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"They're right - it's not summer haze, it's actually smoke. BUT... it's not locally generated. The smoke is from forest fires raging in Canada, and the weather pattern has brought it our way," Sullivan County 911 added.

Officials expected the jet stream to funnel out the smoke by late Monday.

As of Sunday, firefighters in Canada were battling over 130 forest fires near Ontario, according to the CBC.

Last week, wildfire smoke from the westcoast of the United States blanketed the Hudson Valley, causing some epic fire sunrises. Take a look at photos of the sunrise below:

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