A weather expert from the Hudson Valley predicts a harsh winter with an "increased frequency of disruptive" winter storms.

Over the weekend, Hudson Valley meteorologist Ben Noll released his 2022-23 Hudson Valley winter outlook. Noll is originally from Orange County. He's currently a meteorologist at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research in Auckland, New Zealand. From June 2013 through January 2016 he worked as a meteorologist for AccuWeather.

Does Noll's prediction match up with other weather experts?

Get Ready To "Shake, shiver, and shovel!"

Farmer’s Almanac
Farmer’s Almanac

Last week, Hudson Valley Post reported on the Farmer's Almanac winter predictions. The Farmer's Almanac expects the Empire State will see a winter that is "slushy, icy, snowy" with "significant shivers."

"Got flannel? Hot chocolate? Snowshoes? It’s time to stock up! According to our extended forecasts, this winter season will have plenty of snow, rain, and mush—as well as some record-breaking cold temperatures! We are warning readers to get ready to “Shake, shiver, and shovel!," The Farmer's Almanac states in its extended forecast.

'Bone-chilling Cold, Loads Of Snow' Expected For New York State

The Farmer's Almanac seems to agree with The Old Farmer’s Almanac. Hudson Valley Post also reported  The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts the Empire State will see a "cold" and "snowy" winter.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac
The Old Farmer’s Almanac

The Old Farmer’s Almanac believes the weather for the East Coast is "best described as Shivery & Snowy."

Snowfall will also be "greater than normal," for the Empire State, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

'Harsher' Winter Coming For Hudson Valley


It appears Noll agrees with The Old Farmer’s Almanac and The Farmer’s Almanac as he believes the Hudson Valley will have a harsher winter than compared to last year with an increased chance of big snowstorms

"I lean toward a winter that’s somewhat harsher than last year," Noll wrote. "1a. An increased frequency of storm systems tracking in from the west during January-March with an increased frequency of disruptive winter weather."

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Months With Most Snow

bulldozer removing snow
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Noll thinks it could snow in November and December, but believes January and March will be the months that bring the most snow to the region.

"In terms of snow, November and December could go either way, January and March have the highest chances of being snowier than normal, and the odds for big February storms looks a bit lower than normal," Noll adds

Noll Shares Some Good News About Cold Weather

While we may have more snow than last year Noll thinks it could be a mild winter in terms of temperatures.

Cold executive working with a heater failure in winter

"I’m not expecting the coldest of winters, but it will have its moments," he said. "Mid and/or late November and December may have a period of colder than normal conditions followed by less frequent cold spells than normal during mid and late winter."

Last year, Noll predicted "an abrupt start to winter." Parts of the region ended up seeing snow before Thanksgiving.

The Dates When New York State Can Expect First Snowfall

The average date for the first snowstorm in many parts of New York State is approaching.

The Dates When New York State Can Expect First Snowfall

Are you ready for winter? It's coming and may start sooner than you think in New York State.

Noll says the Hudson Valley’s first inch of snow is usually between November 23 and December 16. So as he warns "the clock is ticking."

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