Halloween is fast approaching and there is no time like the present to make a plan to stay safe and have fun. Local communities will have trick or treating, costume parades, haunted houses and other spooky activities. I did some hunting for some safety ideas and I couldn't believe what I found out from Protect America online. Their Halloween stats have me wondering how most of us survive to see the light of day on November 1st.

Protect America's 13 Halloween safety stats include facts that would scare you if was Halloween or not. Did you know that supposedly 63 percent of children aren't carrying flashlight while they are trick or treating. And 70 percent of parent don't accompany their kids who are out going door to door for candy. One of the scariest stats for sure is that children are two times more likely to killed in traffic accidents on Halloween.

So now that I have shared a few of the statics with you it is time you read the rest for yourself and make a plan to stay safe so that Halloween stays fun. You may also want to check with your local law enforcement for local safety tips.

And don't forget about keeping your pets safe as well on Halloween. The doorbell ringing, everyone in costumes and all the candy around can be the reason your pet doesn't enjoy Halloween as much as you.

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