Have you eaten enough cookies? Come on, what could possibly be considered enough cookies? That will be a discussion for another time. Girl Scout Cookie season (which takes place January through April) is upon us.

For 2019 they are bringing back a customer favorite that they launched in 2017, the S'more and have a new cookie to launch. The new cookie is also gluten free. The chewy style cookie is called, Caramel Chocolate Chip and features, yes, you guessed it, notes of caramel, chocolate chips and a hint of sea salt. Will this be a big seller? It does offer those who have been hoping for a gluten free option a Girl Scout cookie offering.

The most popular cookies each year, in sales, continue to be the Thin Mint and the Samoa. You can purchase your cookies through a Hudson Valley troop member. Need help locating a troop? You can use the Girl Scout Cookie App or their locator on the GirlScout.Org website.

Cookie sales have reached over $800 million is sales the last few years, how many boxes have you purchased? All of the monies raised by the troops stays locally and is used to provided programs and enrichment's for the troop members.

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