Happy National Junk Food Day,  Hudson Valley!

Is there seriously a National Day for everything now? Either way, I feel like we can get behind this one. If you want an excuse for calories not to count today, this is it.

Now if for some reason you're having a hard time trying to determine what junk food to eat today, we've got you covered. Kind of.

The website Zippia.com created a map and list of "Each State's Favorite Snack." They did the research and figured out what our favorites are when it comes to junk food.

Their research found some interesting facts. Like for instance, the midwest has absolutely no clue how to snack. In North Dakota and Wyoming, their favorite snack is...sunflower seeds. Weird.

They also broke down the sweet and savory debate. According to Zippia, they found that "29 states’ favorite snack is sweet."

Zippia.com used Google Trends and followed 45 different types of snacks to determine their results.

Speaking of results, how did New York State do in all of this? Well, it looks like we're one of those 29 states who enjoy sweet over salty.

New Yorkers' favorite snack is... Chips Ahoy Cookies. 

We're the only state on the list to go with Chips Ahoy Cookies, while our neighbors in Connecticut and New Jersey are bigger fans of Oreos.

If you're anything like me, you're probably hungry after reading through all of this. So why not treat yourself to some junk food and while you're at it, let us know what you're snacking on.


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