Did you know that there is a cookie fairy of sorts, and apparently, he sometimes hangs out on the Hudson Valley Rail Trail? I have not had the pleasure of meeting this cookie fairy, but as I was scrolling through Facebook, I saw that one of my friends did indeed run into him. And he got free cookies.

So, I was looking at my news feed on Facebook when I came across a picture of a guy I know standing at a bench looking at a sign that says “Free Cookies” and it has an arrow. I had to know if they followed the arrow, I needed to know if there were cookies waiting for them. I also had to know if they ate them, and are they still alive to tell the story. So many questions. I immediately wrote to my Facebook friend and asked him all of these things. This is what I now know.

They were on the Hudson Valley Rail Trail right before the bridge that overlooks Lehigh Landscaping in Wappingers Falls. They love cookies, so they decided to follow the arrow. That’s when they met the baker aka cookie fairy, who led them on a tiny trail to a cart full of fresh-baked cookies. Four different kinds. They asked him who he was, and he said he’s a commercial baker who does baked goods throughout the Hudson Valley.

My friend did a little research, and he thinks it may be a guy named Jimmy the Baker from Sprout Creek Bakery. I’m not sure if he’s right or not, but either way, there appears to be a cookie fairy on the Rail Trail, and that might be just the thing to get me walking.

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