The Hudson Valley may have avoided a major pre-Christmas snowstorm but a "multi-hazard weather event" is expected to cause "treacherous travel conditions."

Just in time for the Christmas travel rush, a rain and wind storm will be moving through the Hudson Valley and Tri-State area.

Wild Weather Predicted For Hudson Valley


Forecasters say to expect 60-mile-per-hour winds in some areas by Friday. High winds could blow out Christmas decorations.

On Friday temperatures are expected to take a nose dive, which could flash freezing.

Ice is expected to quickly form on sidewalks and roadways making travel hazardous right into the Christmas weekend.

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2 Feet Of Snow Once Predicted For Hudson Valley

Major Winter Storm Blankets Northeast With Snow
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Last week we reported the Hudson Valley could see over two feet of snow in the days leading up to Christmas.

While snow is no longer predicted wild weather leading up to the holiday should impact the region.

"Flash Freeze" May Impact Hudson Valley, New York

Hudson Valley meteorologist believes the region has a good chance of dealing with a flash freeze.


"I am monitoring the potential for a flash freeze in the Hudson Valley on Friday afternoon. This means that wet surfaces could quickly turn icy over a ~3-hour period," Noll tweeted. "Winds will also be strong, gusting 40-50 mph."

Early Wednesday morning, Noll warned the chances of a flash freeze have increased.

"⚠️ Crashing temperatures could create icy conditions during the Friday afternoon & evening commute in the #HudsonValley ⛸️," Noll tweeted. "There's also a chance for damaging winds."

Hudson Valley Weather Predicts Flash Freeze

Hudson Valley Weather states a "flash freeze will occur" late Friday into Saturday when temperatures go from the 40s or 50s to teens and single digits before midnight Friday.

"This will create Black Ice on surfaces from runoff from the storm making surfaces slippery for driving and walking. Remember, bridges freeze before ground surfaces," Hudson Valley Weather wrote on Facebook.


Hudson Valley Weather warns the weather leading up to Christmas is a "multi-hazard weather event" with "treacherous travel conditions."

"⚠️This will be a multi-hazard weather event for our region. Rain, Snow, high winds, possible flash flooding in higher terrain, and a powerful arctic burst of extremely cold air. This will make for treacherous travel conditions."

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